LLAMA CROSSING (a near future science fantasy Novel 82,000 words) is structured on Joseph Campbell's
description of the monomyth in
HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES.  Like the works of Carlos Castaneda, dreams
and reality flow together.  Like
DANCES WITH WOLVES, it is a spiritual journey in a dangerous world.
Marc Harden is an ordinary man of present day Northern California who struggles against his own loneliness until
he meets Satan, the only extant link between the past, present and, if they succeed together, the future!

Satan's herder gave him that name because his thick, dark wool seemed to reflect a dark personality.  Within his
California llama herd, he proudly bears the name Llamabrother, an old name, passed from father to son for
generations even before a Llamabrother was companion to Flutesinger during the reign of Pachacutec, the
greatest Inca Lord.  Together Marc and Llamabrother overcome the physical danger of a telepathic link between
species.  Together they coalesce friends and allies, both llamas and men, to escape the fanatics of The

Flutesinger's songs of gods, Inca rulers, ayllu (clan, family, tribe) and love resonate the same primitive drives Marc
struggles with in the present:  to belong;  to establish and maintain a primary relationship; to tap into the general
spirituality movement of today; to sort out what's what in terms of Christianity, cults, the past, homosexuality,
overpopulation, etc.

Marc Harden's dreams and loneliness send him running in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.  Out of shape,
exhausted, he hears the thoughts of passers-by, collapses, and is pulled to safety out of traffic by Randy Trotta, his
gay neighbor.  Marc is drawn to The Congregation, and his vivid dreams of ancient Peru.

Marc suffers a splitting headache and finally falls asleep to dreams of the Andes:  Mamaquenual comes down off
the mountain to the market seeking a llama fetus as an offering to the gods for the upcoming marriage of her son.  

Marc rides a trolley to the Cow Palace to a gathering of The Congregation where he meets Lisa Kaplan.  He is
swept up with her into the mental power, the Ecstasy, of the Congregation.  Ernest Abernathy, the leader of The
Congregation, feels the power take him and delivers his sermon.  Ecstasy from an outside source overtakes them

Marc is dazed as he and Lisa leave the Cow Palace.  At his apartment, Ecstasy still gripping them, they make love
and walk in and out of each other's mind and soul.  Marc blacks out.

Marc's memory is patchy.  Marc and Randy band together to investigate The Congregation and Marc's headaches
and to search for Lisa, who has disappeared without leaving a phone number or address.  Marc is uncomfortable
with Randy's homosexuality.

Marc heads north across Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County where he encounters a large beast in the fog and
is knocked unconscious in the scuffle.  Alson Gray, the herder, finds Marc unconscious in the pasture.  Marc meets
Satan, Jezebel, the Twins and the llama herd.

Marc dreams:   Cusillamamichec, He Who Is Happy Herding Llamas, faces the responsibilities and dangers of
coming of age.  He and his llama companion, Llamabrother, bring the herd down from the Secret Lake for
Cusillamamichec's wedding day.  Cusillamamichec and Stardaughter marry.  The ayllu builds and blesses a hut for
the newly weds.

Randy's research reveals the addictive nature of the Ecstasy.  Others have died of aneurysms and headaches like
Marc's.  Marc's dreams turn back to the llama ranch and Satan.  Finally, Satan mindlinks with Marc and warns him to
take care with Alson who is an unwilling conduit of the mental power behind The Congregation.
Cusillamamichec's and Stardaughter's wedding night.  Cusillamamichec sings the  "Song of Boneflute's Ayllu,"  the
epic journey into the mountains to the ayllu’s new home valley after their coastal Peruvian civilization is swept away
by El Niño.

Marc  learns he is a latent telepath, that the Ecstasy is dangerous for him, that it was Satan who intervened to free
him from the net.  Satan reveals it is the gelding Twins who control the Congregation through Abernathy.  The
Twins, the Congregation and their influence on the exploding human population threatens the environment and
continued existence which forces the llama herds to re-establish contact with humans.  Marc is the key to that new
crossroads and the future.

Incas come to the village and  conscript Cusillamamichec, Llamabrother, twelve young men and many llamas for a
war in the southern empire.  On the road to Cuzco, Cusillamamichec gives up his ayllu name in mourning and
becomes known as Flutesinger.   The Incas kill an Andean who tries to run away.  Flutesinger sings the "Song of

The Congregation is aware of Marc and Randy's investigation and has come looking for them.  Marc rejoins the
herd.  Randy hides out with friends.  Marc's landlady finds two strange men hanging around Marc's apartment door
and sends them on their way with a threat to call  the police.

Marc joins Satan and Jezebel in the fields.  Jezebel warns Marc of the unique way the rainbow sight affects pregnant
females.  Marc prepares for a complete link with Satan.  Abernathy sends Harold and other thugs after Marc.  Lisa
receives call from Meredith, who is checking up on her on Abernathy's orders.
Flutesinger and Llamabrother are on the mountain roads to the south.  Flutesinger sings the Travel song, the
Rainbow song,  and the Song of Stardaughter.

Marc searches inside himself for his past, his place in time to draw strength for the mindtouch.  Marc discovers his
own Song.

Llappa!  Llappa! The Stormgod lashes the Inca on the mountain roads.  Flutesinger's flute calms the herds and the
men.  His song and deed reaches the ears of Sapa Inca.

Ernest is furious because Harold can't find Marc and Lisa.

Flutesinger is ordered to play for Sapa Inca and earns favor.  A human sacrifice is performed at the rope bridge
over the great gorge.  The army arrives at Lake Titicaca.

Marc learns Alson is in trouble because the Twins are using his mind.  Lisa goes to Marc's apartment looking for
him and is kidnaped by Harold.  Alson returns to the ranch looking worn, pale, but Marc must go back into the city
because Randy has failed to contact him as planned.

The Inca's army prepares for battle.  Napa, the royal white llama stallion, challenges Llamabrother and they fight
beside Lake Titicaca.

Marc calls his landlady and learns she saw Lisa taken by thugs.  He hides out in a cheap hotel during the day, then
finds Randy in the gay bar.  Randy has been on the run for three days.  Harold spots them, they bolt out the back
door.  Marc is captured and drugged.  He wakes up in a cheap motel room and finds Lisa there, too.
Abernathy forces Marc and Lisa to enter the Ecstasy to regain control of their minds.  Jezebel mindtouches Lisa and
protects her from the Ecstasy.  Marc erects his own mental barriers.  They pretend to be under control and are
allowed to return under surveillance to Marc's apartment to await Abernathy.

The priests who attend Napa, royal stallion, conspire to take Llamabrother for sacrifice, but Sapa Inca intervenes.  
Word of the ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco, home of Father Viracocha, reaches them.  Sapa Inca, the priests, Napa,
Flutesinger, Llamabrother race to the ruins to appease the ancient mountain-god before the upcoming battle with
the Aymara.

Marc and Lisa make a night escape through San Francisco and out to Alson's ranch.

The Aymara learn that the Incas are trying to take the ruins of the mountain-god, their chief god.  The Aymara race
around Lake Titicaca to try to block Inca, but night overtakes them.

Marc and Lisa find Randy has arrived at the ranch ahead of them.  Alson is unconscious.  They search for a way to
strengthen and/or protect him from the deadly effects of the Twins' link.

The power of the ruins sends chills throughout the Inca army.  Sapa Inca walks alone into the deep shadows.  Napa
and the priests try to follow, but they are repelled by the power of the ancient god.  Flutesinger and Llamabrother
joins Sapa Inca.

Satan feels it would be safer for Alson and Lisa if they leave the ranch for the upcoming confrontation with The
Congregation.  The Twins are becoming suspicious, so Marc and Randy have to appear to have a difficult time
corralling, haltering and loading Satan into the van.  Satan puts up a realistic resistance.  Satan and Marc take a
stand on the Marin Headlands overlooking Golden Gate Bridge where they prepare for a confrontation with The
Congregation in the mental net.

The Inca and Aymara armies meet, the battle begins and goes badly for the Incas.  Sapa Inca, Flutesinger and
Llamabrother are still in the ruins.  The priests and soldiers fear the old god has overcome their Sapa Inca.

Marc and Satan begin their unrestricted, unguarded mindmeld.  Marc learns that they can't defeat the
Congregation, but instead must meet it in the mental net and take it into themselves, control it, tame it.

Flutesinger, Llamabrother and Sapa Inca emerge from the ruins to find the Inca army near defeat.  The Sapa Inca
himself cuts through to the front and leads the battle.  The bloody battle finally ends in victory for the Inca, but all
the men of Flutesinger's ayllu perish.

Flutesinger and Llamabrother return to ayllu to grieve the loss of his brothers.  He carries with him a plan.  Ayllu
disappears into the mountains, to their secret lake, out of reach of domination of the Inca and subsequent

In the net, the Twins search for the new power which blocks the Ecstasy. At last they turn toward Satan and Marc
growing bright with power on the horizon.  The Congregation buzzes with fear when the Ecstasy finally comes, but
this time it comes with wholesale pain and dying.  Abernathy collapses.  The two blazing forces meet in the net
across the Golden Gate until finally Satan and Marc draw the Congregation into themselves and control

 The Andean dual plot is available as the novelette
FLUTESINGER: A Song of the Andes

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